Sav Pushparajah

Sep 26, 2022

2 minutes

Product management

The Hugo origin story. 20 years in the making 🌍

When I looked back at my experiences in consulting, freelancing, contracting, agency, and product, I knew this was a problem I was meant to solve.

I started my career in tech consulting at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) where I learned some amazing skills in client management. Post PwC I went out on my own for the best part of 15 years freelancing in various Project Management then Product Management roles, before I realised I had a love for building products, experiences and even playgrounds that helped people.

Over the last 18 months, I brought together a bunch of freelancers on the sunny Gold Coast to create a product design and development agency. Like most freelancers, none of us had ever been in sales, account management, or finance before and it was daunting. Added to this, we were all introverts that found it difficult to speak up and enforce terms (e.g. you get two revisions), so we ended up doing work for free, impacting profitability...significantly.

By building Hugo to encompass the core values (below), we were able to turn around the business. Hugo enabled us to focus on creating great work, whilst giving clients the sort of experience they would expect when hiring a consultant from PwC. If we ever divert from these values, we want you to brutally honest and call us out!

Professionally transparent - The terms of engagement are agreed at the outset and communication is prompt and personalised!

Efficient - Focus on painful touch points where there is significant back and forth on.

Equitable - Align payment of all parties (including Hugo) with terms, milestones and value exchanged.

Friendly - Fun and beautiful experience that makes it easy to do business with a freelancer.

Our mission is to help 100 million freelancers increase their income by at least 100%. We are excited by the road ahead, but know we can’t do it without the help of the freelance community, so reach out if you want to help out!

The freelance revolution is here!

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Sav Pushparajah

I am a product leader and builder. I love connecting, creating, and helping. More specifically, connecting the dots between problems and solutions, and creating amazing products, experiences, and even playgrounds that help people across the globe. When I am not working, you will find me spending time with my kids, having a vino with my wife, or working out🏋🏾‍♀️

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