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Deliver brilliant work without the admin. Fall in love with the simplicity and freedom of freelancing.

Built for freelancers by freelancers
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Set up in minutes

Contracts, requests, order status and payment terms. All the important details, set up in a flash.  

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First project free 

One project free and only pay monthly for additional active projects. No income, no payment.

For freelancers by freelancers

Built by freelance designers and developers to regain freedom and stand out.

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Grow your income

Automation out of the box. Revisions, payment collection and more, so you can focus on relationships and growth.

Top features

Smart contract

Templated contracts that anyone can understand.
Key terms enforced by software, not people.

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Audit trail

Contracts, requests, estimations, status, transactions and messages all in one place.

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Templated requests

Structured briefs with realtime feedback on clarity. Action orders fast and without back and forth.

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Integrated wallet

Detailed transaction history and money automatically collected based on terms and status.

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Tested & loved by 

testimonial - Josh
I'm an introvert. I hate sitting in meetings for hours to get clarity. Hugo helps cut through the noise and get to the outcome. I deliver faster and my clients are happier.
testimonial image - Mathilde
I love spending time learning and being creative. I don't enjoy the business operations side of freelancing, but that is taken care of by Hugo.
testimonial image - Swathi
Product designer
Details matter in product design. It's easy to miss an email with a random thought from a client, but with everything in one spot, I don't miss a thing!
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For freelancers by freelancers